Paddy Hill of the Birmingham Six signs the petition

Falsely Accused of Murder

Time Served 17 years

Date of Wrongful Conviction: 15 August 1975

Date of Release: 14/3/1991

Paddy Joe Hill, formerly known as one of the Birmingham Six, now the founder of the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation.  Paddy spent almost 17 years of wrongful incarceration, for the Birmingham Pub bombing on 21 November 1974 in which 21 people were killed. Paddy went to Heysham Police Station on his own free will, he has still never been asked a question about the Birmingham pub bombings.  He was told right from the start quote ” we don’t give a fuck who did the bombings, we have orders to get confessions and convictions and to use any necessary means at our disposal, you have been selected, you can have it the easy way or the hard way”.  That was the start of the torturing.  Fitted up on the flimsiest of evidence, Paddy and the other five didn’t go to get tried they went to get sentenced.  This was the start of the modern day miscarriages of justice, culminating with their release on the 14th of March 1991, when on the same day they set up a Royal Commission into the Justice system.  After Paddy was released he continued, and still continues to fight to help other victims of miscarriages of justice.

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