Legal aid flashmob : Thunderclap for legal aid

On 20 March over 400 people joined the #fight4legalaid Thunderclap. This was the first legal aid social media  flash mob in the fight to save legal aid. As the clocks struck 11:00 a.m. twitter feeds were flooded with the message to sign the Save Legal Aid petition.


The social reach i.e. the amount of people who saw the tweets and facebook posts that blasted out from the thunderclap was 370,805 and the thunderclap was reported in the South West Londoner paper 

Together we ensured that the wider population hear about the petition by speaking together. Our single message was mass-shared, flash mob-style, and rose above the noise of our social networks.

As a result of the thunderclap signatures to the petition grew by nearly 1,000.

If you didn’t join the Thunderclap this time please follow @justallianceuk for notice of future thunderclaps. You can still tweet and facebook the message to sign and share the Save Legal Aid petition!


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