Tamsin Greig backs the Justice Alliance campaign

Tamsin Greig is backing the campaign to stop cuts to justice and save Legal Aid

tamsinsavelegalaidOn the 7 May Justice Alliance met with actor Tamsin Greig who will feature in our film, due out at the beginning of June.

The Justice Alliance film focuses on people who have received legal aid, and how vital it has been for them. If you follow the political debates and the media coverage, it can sometimes feel like the fight to save legal aid is about lawyers worrying about their income. It doesn’t matter how much lawyers explain that this is misleading, [such as this letter to the Independent], it just seems to get lost. The film will hopefully show that this is not a fight for lawyers’ fees; it is for everyone who needs justice.

You can get a taster of what is to come in our legal aid film by watching our short film about judicial review here.

If you would like to add your support to the campaign, please sign the petition here

Tamsin filimingTamsin Greig told the Justice Alliance that she believes legal aid is an essential part of a fair society – to ensure all are heard and can access justice. She recognises that legal aid allows individuals to challenge the state when it gets things wrong, and that in a democratic society we should stand up for all members of society, not just those with access to money, because we are all human beings.

 “Without legal aid I think we have a greater sense of insecurity and fear and inequality, which brings devastating division to societies.”

Tamsin thought that because law is an evolving process it can ensure that things become fairer. However, if cases are not brought or are not brought effectively because of the lack of legal aid representation, then this will impact on the future development of the law, which in turn affects society which is subject to the law.

“If we don’t take part in that legal evolution now, we’re going to miss out in the future. It’s like missing links in an evolution process. We have to stand up for what is right now because without them a greater truth may not be revealed in the future.”

tamsin i want to liveIf you would like to add your support to the campaign, please sign the petition here

Thank you to photographer Tom Elkins


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