Jo Brand supports #iamforjustice Legal Aid campaign

1Very soon, the new Justice Alliance short film will be launched, which features a number of ordinary people who had to rely on legal aid – sometimes with life saving consequences. None of them dreamed they’d ever need legal aid, but when they did, it was there for them. We have also been lucky enough to garner some celebrity support for this vital campaign, and we are delighted to announce that Jo Brand has added her voice to our growing number of supporters.







Here’s a picture of her talking to our co-founder Matt Foot when she was being filmed.


Ms Brand is most well known as a comedian and writer, but she was formerly a psychiatric nurse. It was in part her experiences in that field which led her to supporting the campaign. As she said:

“As an ex psychiatric nurse I know that there are huge groups of people within society who do not have the wherewithal intellectually or financially to hold their own in legal circumstances. I think what a decent civilized society does in that case is that it protects those people and it gives them the same chances…


“I think in modern society everyone deserves that. It is absolutely essential and it should definitely be a pillar of any civilized society.”

We agree, Ms Brand, we agree.

Jo Brand also explained that it was all about ensuring a level playing field – something she outlined when explaining why she signed our petition. If you’d like to add your voice too, please click the big shiny button with wonderful supporter Joanna Lumley.

jo brand twitter










She added:

“I think every individual, whether they are a homeless person living on the street, or they are a lord in a castle somewhere, they all deserve the same decent treatment in the hands of the law.”


The film featuring Jo Brand, Stephen Fry and Tamsin Greig will be out soon. But if you can’t wait, here’s the one we made about judicial review, a fight which is still ongoing.


If you agree with Ms Brand and want to stand up for justice, after signing the petition, why not tweet us your #jelfie (justice selfie)? Click HERE to see how to do it. All you need to do is download and print this sign and tweet us a picture of you holding it to @justallianceuk with the hashtags #iamforjustice and #jelfie. Jo Brand is for justice, are you?

Jo Brand and others doings jelfies













Our thanks go out to Dulwich Picture Gallery for allowing us to film in their beautiful building, and to photographer Jennifer Pattison for the pictures on this page.




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