‘Election looming – Fight now for Legal Aid and Advice’

Saturday 7 February 2015
The Mechanics Institute
103 Princess Street, Manchester M1 6DD
Justice Alliance North is organising this FREE event because in the run up to the General Election we want to bring together everyone willing to help fight the cuts in funding for legal aid and advice.
To share updates and information on issues: domestic violence, welfare reform, poverty, mental health, disability, immigration, judicial reviews, criminal legal aid and what actions we will take to fight for advice in these areas.
Most of all to get together to plan for:
  • targeted lobbying of election candidates, MPs and councillors, to stop and reverse the cuts
  • organising campaign actions and publicity
  • getting more public support
For comprehensive publicly funded legal advice and representation services.
This event is FREE
***Travel costs***
For asylum seekers and those with no income we hope to be able to contribute to or ideally cover travel. If you know someone who would like to attend and needs help with travel costs in advance please email us at the address below with their name, circumstances, contact details (address/phone number/email if relevant) and we will get in touch. 
If you can help us cover these costs we would be very grateful –  we welcome donations of any size (even a few pounds) to allow us to make this event accessible for all. Please email us if you can help: northernsavejustice@gmail.com. We are a not for profit voluntary group entirely reliant on donations to do our campaign work.
Please book a place in advance by emailing: northernsavejustice@gmail.com
Please forward the link to this page and download the attached flier and circulate them widely

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