Not The Global Law Summit

lady HgraylingDuring 2015 the UK government is celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta by holding the Global Law Summit to promote the UK as the world centre of law and justice.

The Magna Carta famously declares, “To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay, right or justice”, yet at the same time the government is savagely cutting legal aid, thereby denying and delaying rights and justice for millions of ordinary citizens.

Justice Alliance are highlighting the hypocrisy of the government with a series of events to support the fight for legal aid and access to justice. More info below or click on pictures.


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The Government is re-writing historical dates to make political capital out of a celebration of the rule of law. It is trumpeting our justice system while behind the scenes damaging the rule of law and causing irreparable harm to access to justice.


We cordially invite you to join our Relay for Rights from Runnymede on 21st February which ends with an assembly at the Not the Global Law Summit event at Old Palace Yard, Westminster at 1pm on 23rd February. More info HERE


Join us on February 23 for a star-studded night of comedy and music to support the Justice Alliance campaign against the cuts to legal aid. Tickets here   

Top class comedians supporting the campaign include hugely successful star of stand-up, TV and radio – Stephen K Amos; the “brilliantly funny” Stand Up for the Week star Angela Barnes; Cutting Edge team member and co-creator/writer of No Pressure to be Funny Alistair Barrie; Actor and comedian of stage and screen Kevin Eldon; the comedy legend that is Stewart Lee; hilarious comedian as seen on Live at the Apollo, QI, Mock The Week and Twenty Twelve (BBC) – Sara Pascoe; “sharp satirist and superb comic” and co-creator of topical satire podcast No Pressure to be Funny – Nick Revell; Political comedian and New Act of the Year Finalist – Joe Wells. With further amazing guests to be announced – justice just got funny!


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